Thursday, 11 July 2013

activating ms office 2013 permenantly!!

Microsoft Office Pro. Plus 2013 Final x86 and x64. Permanent Activator Free Download and Install Now. Download wallpapers, Movies, Books and Games for your PC, mobile, iPad, iPhone, laptop and other devices From

  • Microsoft Office 2013 software package always makes a tremendous honor version 97 to version 2010 manufacturers, and users are able to allocate more. Perhaps one of his reasons, but the reality is that uniqueness Office Microsoft Office suite have always been dedicated entirely to the extent that it almost can not be considered unique or even named.
  • Office to show again the best option for all users. Office 2013 has recently been published that looks nearly identical to the 2007 and 2010 editions with the exception that new options are added to the possibilities Ensafi for the first time, if not most, a software company provided; pretty much amenities Members surround.

Download Method:
First click on download button. Then 1st unmark Box and 2nd click on download which is exist top of this box.


Description Installation: After download and extract the zip file, be sure to note that your antivirus is disabled. Being able to install the software. After installation, refer to the Patch folder and uncompress the ZIP file to The Doc software activation through the below link for a PDF file Dear users download site preparation has been done and take advantage of this unique software. Zip activation method and tested and are safe.


Download (32 Bit)


Download (64 Bit)



Windows XP Activator

Windows XP Activator!

Windows XP Activator!
Windows XP Activator!

 Windows XP Activator!

Windows Xp Genuine Activator for you all and with this activator you can activate all Service Packs i.e., SP1, SP2, SP3 to a Genuine one and its just needs some instructions for this and I hope this may help you a lot and you as i have already shared Windows XP SP3 in the blog for them it may be helpful just have a glance at this post…..Windows XP Activator!

after installation activate your windows XP using this Software.just click on this software and Activate your window with easy.and get genuineness Software.Windows XP Activator!

Password :

Chew7 for Windows (Windows 7 Activator)

Chew7 ver 1.1
Chew7 ver 1.1
Chew 7 is the only activation solution that disables the loathed  "calling home" feature (spyware) that is embedded into the software protection platform of Windows. In Windows XP days, when WGA was first released, it quickly became apparent to the more self conscious technologically inclined users, that Microsoft was retrieving personally identifiable information from its users without notice on a daily basis (every time the system boots up and then on a 24 hour interval after that). Now they have switched to a robust "software protection platform" built into the framework of the operating system itself, and they have changed this 24 hour grab interval to something much less conspicuous ΓΓé¼ΓÇ¥ 14 days, so it's no wonder most people haven't caught on to what's happening. Even with a firewall installed, most of us are inclined to simply ignore notices about Windows components connecting to the internet without apparent cause. Private information like names and internet protocol addresses, browsing history, and sometimes even files that they deem to require further investigation, are being sent over the internet. What do they do with all this information? It's anyone's guess, but the way we see it, it's certainly an invasion of rights to privacy. Will they admit to it? Probably not; it's spyware after all.

Monday, 8 July 2013

windows 8 permanent activation!!!

This post is only for them, whom Windows 8 offline activator don't works. Windows 8 Permanent Activator is now here. With This Activator you can active Microsoft Office word also.

Windows 8 Permanet Activator

Download the file from here


How to:

i) First of all run "Microsoft windows 8 activator.exe"...

ii) Now Click On "Windows 8 Install/Uninstall"...

iii) Now Type "Y" to start Activation...

iv) If you Type "y",windows activation will start...

v) After Activation Your computer will reboot....

vi)  And now “Windows 8” is activated………..and enjoy it.
See these screen shots ………….

But it will not help to unlock your "Personalize Menu". Now go to the link and follow these steps...(You Must follow and install also this activator to unlock your personalize menu. Don't forget it)

Stay with this blog and to get problems solve and latest news of technology.......

Sunday, 7 July 2013

tether alpha for android

Tether for Android
Update #1: (Wow, seem to have hit the 500 comment limit, please go here to leave a comment:

Update #2: Tether is now live on the Android Market!

Over the last month, I've been working on a new app. Tether Alpha is a USB[2] tether solution for Mac, Windows, and Linux that allows you to use your phone's data connection to get internet access on your desktop or laptop.

ClockworkMod Tether does not require root on your phone and does not require a separate tethering plan. Tether should work with any carrier and phone, and is not blockable or detectable by carriers[1]. To get around the root requirement on your phone, Tether will need to install a virtual network adapter on your computer; so there is a PC side install. [3]

I'm looking for meaningful feedback in the following areas:

1) Did you have problems installing it or getting it working? (If so, operating system? Ie, Windows 7 64 bit, etc)
2) How is your download speed once everything is set up?

The UI is pretty rough, the icons, and general app design are not final. I am just looking to make sure the underlying services all work properly.

Download links:

Mac (10.6/10.7): download
Linux: download [4]
Windows (Windows XP/Vista/7): download

The above links should automatically install the Android portion if you have USB debugging enabled on the phone, but if something goes awry, here's the Android APK:
download apk

I am intentionally not providing any installation instructions, because I feel that if the app can't be set up without installation instructions, I have failed to make it easy enough to use. ;)
So please provide any feedback you may have if you have a hiccup during installation! (The final market released product will have instructions though)

This version will time bomb on January 7th. I'll release new versions before then, so if the app stops working, just check back here.

Thanks all!

[1] It functions as a proxy, and not as a NAT/masquerade solution that other tether solutions use. Though carriers can still check for http user agent string, but I have an idea to work around that. They typically check the TTL for desktop values. All usual carrier data charges and quotas will apply, but you will not need a separate tethering plan.

[2] I'm working on getting Bluetooth working as well.

[3] I wish I could not require a PC side installation, but it is simply not possible if the phone is not rooted.

[4] There is no UI for the Linux interface. Just sudo linux/ after extracting the zip.

Thursday, 21 February 2013

activating ms office 2010 permenantly

Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010 FULL VERSION + serial key FREE DOWNLOAD.! 

Three Simple Steps to activate your MS OFFICE 2010
Serial Key of MS Office Professional Plus 2010:

Activation ID of MS office Professional Plus 2010:

390332 813364 451676 755173 989481 565216 653673 120421

1) Open MS office word. Then open File Tab...   LIKE IN THIS PHOTO-

 Then click on HELP tab. LIKE IN THIS PHOTO-

2) After opening HELP tab. Click on CHANGE PROUDUCT KEY.LIKE IN THIS PHOTO:-

Enter the Serial Key. The Key was- GRMK2-8Y649-JR6YB-XJXVW-XTP8P.LIKE IN THIS PHOTO:-

Then Click on Continue and then Click on INSTAL NOW tab. After that RESTART your computer.

3) When you have restarted your computer open MS office word. When you have opened MS Word a new window opened. The window was to ACTIVATE your MS office Professional Plus 2010. A window has two Options to ACTIVATE your MS Office Professional Plus 2010 online or with Telephone. Then there is option to select country Select INDIA and entered an Activation ID of MS office Professional Plus 2010-390332 813364 451676 755173 989481 565216 653673 120421

When you have successfully entered then an Activation ID of MS office Professional Plus 2010 and select the Next tab And A new window will be open and MS office Professional Plus 2010 will get ACTIVATED permanently. RESTART your computer. After you have RESTARTED your computer you have get a permanently ACTIVATED- MICROSOFT OFFICE PROFESSIONAL PLUS 2010. ENJOY IT.